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December 9, 2015
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Trade Shows and Holiday Business Planning

trade shows and holiday business planning

As business owners, you’ve worked hard throughout the year to make sure that everything is running smoothly. You’ve dedicated most of your time in attending trade shows, exhibits, and meetings. There were also days that you found yourself going through difficult obstacles, but yet you’re here, THRIVING! The holidays are a sign of the year almost ending, and that means careful business planning.

Staffing at Trade Shows

If it hasn’t already started around mid-November, prepare for it to soon. Your employees will want to take time off to see friends and family especially with the holidays highlighting the season. Given that you want them to have a happy holidays, you’re still stuck with staffing. Who will cover for your employees when they are enjoying their time off?

In order for you to avoid disappointments and surprises, set a policy that everyone is required to follow. Inform them of black-out dates, paid or no-paid-time-off, and business hours. If this policy is not established yet, it isn’t too late to start now, and carry this over to the new year.

Gifts and Bonuses

Let’s face it, your business thrives with the help of your employees. During this season, they like to be appreciated and gifted. With this in mind, take note that holiday bonuses or presents are not measured by each employees level of performance. So that one top-sales employer that you have at trade shows shouldn’t get a $50 gift card while the average employee gets a measly $10 voucher to a burger joint. Make it fair for everyone to avoid jealousy.


As business owners, you’re not entitled to gifts or bonuses specially if you are strapped on a budget. There are are ways to show your appreciation to your employees by hosting a holiday party. This way, your employees has time to spend quality time together without toying with the idea that they could be slacking off during business hours.