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August 17, 2015
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November 9, 2015
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Potential Buyers Sees Your Staff!

Exhibitions are a way to shine when you want your company to stand out. Many people glance through exhibitions, and your exhibition only has a few seconds to make a first impression before many of them decides to walk away. As for your staff, they are the first people that potential buyers see when passing by. If your staff looks uninterested, many potential buyers will ultimately decide to leave. Your staff is important for your business, so here are some ways you can make sure they know that!

Knowledge is a key to success. When your staff knows how to answer all the questions that could be asked by potential buyers, it not only looks good on the company but in the buyer’s eyes as well. When potential buyers show interests in your product, your staff should be able to know how to answer the questions, and share the information. Potential buyers quickly astray when a staff is uninformed, and could quickly walk away from a sale. To ensure that your staff is working at their best, having periodic training with them will be helpful.

Drive the energy to your exhibition by bringing your most dynamic staff on board. Some employers believe that bringing the people who closes the most sales are the ones who are most likely to shine in exhibitions because they know the business from top to bottom. Nevertheless, don’t look passed your most enthusiastic employees as they have potential attract the attention of potential buyers. Perhaps, mixing the most inviting staff and your top sales agents would be your best bet. That way, you have the liveliest people at the front of the exhibition trying to smile their way to welcome potential buyers, and your top sales agents at the back working on closing those sales.

Communicate your goals to your staff. Always brief your staff about what you plan on doing with the business so that they are on the same page as you. Simply telling them what to do without any given reason might strike rebellion, or they could question authority. Some staff might find themselves asking why they need to do a certain task differently than the traditional. So, enlightening them about your business goals will not only help them feel as though they are part of a team, but they will also feel important– because they are!

Appreciate your staff! They are what keeps your business/exhibition going. Showing them appreciation goes a long way as they will work harder for your business. Of course, be firm about it as they could get the wrong idea and want to slack off. But when handled carefully, your staff will go the extra mile just to see the business grow and drive potential buyers to your exhibition and business.