How we work

At SLS Design, we remix the ordinary by re-purposing to exhibit quality furniture, displays, and modular components with simple design adaptations. We’ve concocted a line of furniture pieces and displays that are exclusively crafted Eco card board. Our designs are lightweight, yet incredibly strong and they a boast an environmental footprint we can all appreciate.

We create the unexpected, the unique, and more importantly, products that are low carbon in nature and our collection includes items such as display shelves, chairs, and furniture. We combine form, function and sustainability in furniture design with our innovative use of recycled and recyclable cardboard.


As the founder and chief designer of SLS Design, Limor Collins holds a Master’s Degree in Design and offers twenty years of design experience. Uncompromising about her creative independence, she and her team of designers are dedicated to creating solutions for their clients through simplicity, surprise, and beauty.


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We are passionate about reusing materials and believe all good things deserve a second life.

We go beyond traditional recycling efforts and give second lives to exhibit materials. We embrace sustainability in an innovative way and strive to find the balance between being environmental and creating unique and useful pieces.


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