Our affordable selections are both environmentally
beneficial and economically wise.

Recyclable Exhibits & Displays

SLS Design is proud to offer a wide range of green trade show display options to help you make a big impression at your next event. At SLS Design we have built a solid reputation that focuses on quality, innovation, and sustainability. We believe in the importance of working with recycled materials without losing sight of being innovative, offering image quality, and focusing on sustainable print alternatives.

We offer stylish trade show booths that are perfect for exhibitors requiring high-design and structure to show offer their product or company image. Whether you are hosting a sales meeting or public event, it is imperative that it comes off without a hitch.

With worldwide growing concerns regarding the living environment, SLS Design considers environmental protection to be consistent with its overall goals and values, and we’ve set the pace in the exhibit industry by producing sound and recyclable solutions in Las Vegas.

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Custom Builds

At SLS Design, we create visually compelling displays for exhibit designs, trade show displays, or your retail shop. Let us transform your brand and image with a custom build that includes creative architecture, bold graphics and visual elements that fit your brand and show objectives. SLS Designs will custom build your visual display.

Our projects are lightweight, compact, and offer durable, structural support for all your necessary components. Impress your attendees and service prospects better with a custom build that attracts more attention, creates an impact and increases sales.

There are many ways for brand owners to gain consumer attention for their packaged products. We create that in-store boost for your products with our displays that make great organizers for many exhibitors.

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Printing Services

SLS Design crafts posters, arts prints, stationery, wedding invitations, business cards and more. Utilizing both hand set type and the most current digital and photo-polymer technologies, SLS Designs celebrates tradition while exploring and expanding the possibilities of the world in printed objects.

We offer printing services ranging from full color printing to large format printing at one stop. Everything we do is defined by our commitment to quality and the attention to detail that your products or services deserve. As one of the premier printing services in Las Vegas, we service the needs of just about every type of client, from small businesses to major hotels and Fortune 500 companies, no project is too large or too small.

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