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November 4, 2015
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November 17, 2015
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How to Choose a Booth for Your Trade Show

Choosing the perfect booth for an exhibition should be one of the most crucial parts because it’s something that could make or break your presentation. You’re not looking for something that makes you as the presenter satisfied, but you’re looking for something that’s catchy to your targeted audience. Without a booth that catches the eye of your target, your trade show experience will be a flop.

So, before choosing that perfect booth, do some research first. Do you have an idea of the floor plan? Does the exhibition have requirements for booths, if so what are they? Do they have a do’s and don’t for the venue that you are using? In the event that they do, are you prepared to make changes in your booth?

Then, there is that question of competition. Do you know your competition? If so, choose a booth that will ultimately help your business stand out from all the others. Have products that are catchy to see, and where it is easy for your audience to access them.

Look for neighbors who generate a high volume of sales. That way, those people who are browsing at your neighbors shop, will look at yours as well. Get to know these neighbors as you may see them a lot, and when you establish that network, they could potentially introduce you to their customers.

Those are the good neighbors that you want, but what about the bad ones? You know the ones that will distract your audience away from you business. Booths that are distracting should also be one of the things to consider when choosing the perfect location.

Lastly, ask around. Have a chat with the sales representatives about which is the perfect location, and what drives people to see them. When you have general insights from people who has mastered the floor plan, you’ll be sure to have an advantage than most people.