Marketing Trends Not to Ignore Part I
December 1, 2015
trade shows and holiday business planning
Trade Shows and Holiday Business Planning
December 15, 2015
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Marketing Trends Not to Ignore Part II

Last week, we covered a few topics on holiday marketing trends that business owners shouldn’t ignore, and we thought that we should cover a little bit more for this week as it’s the holidays! More importantly, business owners like yourself should see this season as the perfect time frame for generating more sales. Being prepared for a trade shows is not the only thing that you should put in your priority list because your website and physical store will need the attention as well. So, we’ve come up with a few more tips that is going send you on your way to generating more customers!


The holiday season is all about gift-giving, and giving is what people want to see. Engage in a cause that your niche would be interested in. That way, when they purchase from you, they would also have the peace of mind that they’re doing it for a good cause. For example, if you’re an organic food vendor, you might want to donate to a community that cares about health or the environment. You can donate by simply asking people if they would like to contribute in a donation box, or by setting up a portion of your sales. 

Social Media

This is the generation of information. So, use it often, and use it well. It is an excellent way to connect a business and its audience to each other without having them leave the comforts of their home. By using social media, your audience will know what you’ll have in stock, sales, newsletters and many other incentives. Keeping them engaged is always a great way to generate your business.

At Trade Shows and Stores: We Look At Your Employees

Those who work for you are the face of the company. When we’re at trade shows or stores, we’re looking at your sales representative. So, make sure that they are also valued because when they feel that they are genuinely appreciated, they will help spread the good word of your business. Throw a holiday party, share gifts, or throw in a bonus! Do whatever you can to make your employees feel like they’re part of the family!

Spread the Holiday Cheer!

Your customers love receiving letters from their friends and family members, but they might not think about their favorite business. Simply sending them a holiday greetings can cheer up their day. You can do this via email, snail mail or social media platforms. In today’s society, communication is endless!