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November 23, 2015
Marketing Trends Not to Ignore Part II
December 9, 2015
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Marketing Trends Not to Ignore Part I

Your work doesn’t just stop at trade shows because you probably have a store of your own or even an online shop. The holidays are the money makers of many businesses which means that this season should not be ignored. Sales are all over the place, and people tend to grab the next best deals out the shelves. In terms of the holidays, this is the time for gift-giving. For businesses, it’s money-making season. That being said, is your business ready for the holiday trends that are happening right now?

Optimal Website

Cyber Monday should not be ignored. People love good deals, and good deals are what they’re going to get from many retailers. Online shopping is so popular because people don’t have to get up and drive to the nearest store to fight for that one TV that they’ve been eyeing on for days. So, when you find yourself giving out a good deal, make sure that your business’ website is at its optimal shape. At this period, you will be experiencing more traffic than normal and having it crash means you’ll lose business.


Offer your customers some perks that the competition isn’t. For example if you’re having a sale online, try offering them the option for free shipping  or a simple gift wrapping. Perks like these are enticing to the buyer’s eyes. Meeting deadlines would be great as well like, having the items sent to them before a certain date.

The Shelves!

If you also have a physical store, don’t neglect the shelves! Many store owners tend to think that online experiences are more important since a lot more people visit it, but neglecting the store could mean that you’re losing potential customers. Have every products in stock and easily accessible for everyone who may be interested in them. This definitely goes for your trade shows as well.

Customer Loyalties

Customer loyalty programs are also a way to entice your buyers to come back for more. When you reward your buyers, they have a more tendency to come back as they know that they will get something out of it as well. So, offer them an exclusive deal that no one else can get anywhere else.