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November 17, 2015
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December 1, 2015
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Unfinished Sales Got You Wondering? – Trade Show Displays

You have all the right trade show displays that fits the mood and scene of your booth, when a potential customer walks in and looks around. You then approach them and tell them all about the product that you have to offer. They look very interested, but then to your worst nightmare, they thank you and walk away. Millions of thoughts start to flood your mind as you wonder what went wrong. Sales is a hard cold business to be in, and while many store owners look at their successes, when sometimes, they should be looking at their failures. The following are just some thing to consider about when you’ve lost that potential sale:

Do you know your clientele? In many cases, knowing your niche is helpful that way you know how they talk, walk and make decisions. When you have no idea what type of people you’re reaching out to, there can be a miscommunication between you that client. So, before you begin your sales, ask yourself, “do I know my clients?”

Does your clients know  you? If the answer is no, try working on building up your social media platforms as it is helpful for your clients to know who you are. Newsletters and engaging updates are helpful to build a relationship that lasts.

If you have no idea, ask them questions. Make the sale all about them– not the product or about you. Do your homework and see exactly how you can incorporate an authentic engagement with your clients. Being able to read your clients is a skill. So make sure to ask, learn and consistently persevere with them. When you know your clients and they know you, having the best trade show displays, or products are just the icing on the cake.